July 20, 2012

Comic-Con 2012

I'm back from San Diego. Unfortunately I brought back the worst of all souvenirs -- the convention plague. I've spent almost the whole week in bed. But I'll tell ya, it was worth it. I had a great show this year. :)

Probably my favorite display on the show floor this year was Weta's. There was Hobbit stuff everywhere -- statues of characters, action figures, prop displays -- the absolute best, though, were the life-sized statues of the trolls.

Speaking of Weta, I got to meet Richard Taylor, which was a huge highlight. He's an incredibly nice guy. He had really nice things to say about my art and even bought some of my prints. It was a real honor.

My table neighbor Cat Staggs snapping a picture of "hot stormtrooper chick." There is no shortage of skimpy costumes at Comic-Con.

Here's my friend Nessa dressed as Daenerys from "Game of Thrones."

Representin' the Wars!

Thanks to my friend (and con roomie) J.J., we got to attend a "Space Command" party, where the guest of honor was legendary illustrator Iain McCaig. The guy is one of my heroes. He's so incredibly nice and generous, and so incredibly talented. Here's a shot of me, Iain, and my friends Randy Martinez and Denise Vasquez.

The real treat of my convention was after the "Space Command" party. A small handful of us got to hang out with Iain McCaig in the lobby of his hotel and essentially get a private series of lessons. He whipped out his paper and pencils and just started sketching, telling us stories, offering wisdom and tricks of the trade -- it was awesome, and pretty surreal. I won't ever forget those three hours. (Here in this pic is Kelly Yates, J.J. Torres, and Iain McCaig.)

My buddy (and con roomie) Uko Smith, Iain McCaig, and me. BTW, if you ever get a chance to pick up Iain's art book, Shadowline, don't hesitate.

One thing I won't miss about SDCC: The crowds.

Well, next up is Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando... Only a few short weeks away. Yikes. @.@ Crazy summer.