September 5, 2012

'Cryptids' Cards

I don't do many sketch cards these days, but I couldn't pass on this set. It's a brand-new series focusing entirely on cryptids (Loch Ness, Bigfoot, etc.).

The set is limited to only 500 packs. I only did 5 sketch cards total, so kudos to anyone who finds one of mine. :) (You can see 3 of my 5 cards above: Kraken, Mothman & Maltese Tiger.) I also gotta say, this set has the NICEST card stock I've ever worked on. Each card is incredibly thick & high quality, with really nice printing/embossing on the back.

Head on over to for more info or to pre-order!

For the super-collectors:
I also have one "AP" card (artist proof) that's blank. I'm allowed to sell it after the set comes out September 25th. "AP" is printed on the back, showing that it's an official AP. I'm planning on selling it for $200, the buyer chooses any cryptid they want me to illustrate on the front (full-color). If you're interested, shoot me an email at