November 9, 2012

Nightingale of Skyrim

I had oral surgery this week, so I've been couch-ridden for the past couple days, doing some sleeping and healing, and playing some Xbox. And we all know that Xbox leads to Skyrim, and Skyrim leads to fan art. :P

This is my current character, sporting her Nightingale outfit (click the pic for bigger version). I retired my original guy and decided to start over, taking a less warrior-y and more thieves-y path. Traded in the axes for archery. Anyway, I could endlessly geek out about it, because it's still my favorite game (even one year after it came out... and there's new stuff coming next month!), but I'll just stop right there. :)

My mouth is healing up and I should be back to 100% this weekend, which means back to freelance, commissions and BLADE RAIDERS all next week. Thanks for your patience, everyone!