November 20, 2012

Star Wars Celebration PRINT SALE

I need to part with some of the amazing Star Wars Celebration prints I've gotten from fellow artists over the years. They're all signed, and while most of them aren't in *perfect mint* condition, they're all in very good, frameable shape. No tears or missing corners or anything like that. I've been saving them with the hope that one day I'd get to frame them all, but... yeah, that's not very realistic. :) I figure they're better off going to good homes, and maybe I can pay some bills. Don't forget, Christmas is right around the corner and these would make AWESOME gifts!

Please check out the list below (FYI: "AP" means that print is signed as an Artist Proof). I'll be asking $6/each for shipping too ($10 for those outside the U.S.). If you're interested in buying one or have any questions or wanna make an offer, send me an email at Thanks!

Star Wars Celebration VI, 2012
Katie Cook (AP, $140) SOLD!

Star Wars Celebration V, 2010
Jeff Carlisle (AP, $30) SOLD!
Katie Cook (AP, $200) SOLD!
Doug Cowan (AP, $40)
Dave Dorman (AP, $80) SOLD!
Tom Hodges (AP, $50) SOLD!
JAKe (AP, $40) SOLD!
Erik Maell (AP, $30)
Leah Mangue (AP, $30)
Mark McHaley (53/250, $30)
Ken Phipps (AP, $30)
Tim Proctor (AP, $30)
Brian Rood (AP, $100) SOLD!
Malcolm Tween (AP, $50) SOLD!
Jerry Vanderstelt (AP, $140) SOLD!
Brent Woodside (AP, $30)

Star Wars Celebration Japan, 2008
Mark McHaley (20/200, $30)

Star Wars Celebration Europe, 2007
Tom Hodges (AP, $30) SOLD!

Star Wars Celebration IV, 2007
Steve Anderson (AP, $30)
Jeff Carlisle (AP, $30) SOLD!
Richard Chasemore (AP, $50) SOLD!
Joe Corroney (AP, $30) SOLD!
Cynthia Cummens-Narcisi (AP, $30)
Jan Duursema (AP, $30)
Scott Erwert (AP, $30)
Robert Hendrickson (AP, $30)
Tom Hodges (AP, $30) SOLD!
Adam Hughes (AP, $400) SOLD!
JAKe (AP, $40)
Hans Jenssen (AP, $50)
Randy Martinez (AP, $30)
Terese Nielsen (AP, $80)
Phil Noto (65/250, $80) SOLD!
William O'Neill (AP, $30)
Kilian Plunkett (AP, has tiny jawa sketch by KP next to CIV logo, $300)
Mark Raats (AP, $40)
David Rabbitte (85/250, $30)
Dave Seeley (AP, $80) SOLD!
Cat Staggs (AP, $60) SOLD!
Jerry Vanderstelt (AP, $140) SOLD!
Marc Wolfe (AP, $30)
Brent Woodside (AP, $30)

Star Wars Celebration III, 2005
Chris Trevas (AP, $100) SOLD!