November 14, 2012

Star Wars Original Art for Sale

Hi, folks -- I'm selling these two original pieces. Both are on 11"x17" cardstock, drawn with red illustration pencil and black ink/brush pen. The Return of the Jedi Luke/Jabba/Slave Leia piece (seen above) was my first concept for the Celebration VI art show. Lucasfilm dug it, but they suggested maybe I do a Clone Wars piece instead (since no one else was doing one), so that's why it wasn't used in the show. But I spent a lot of time on it and it needs a home. I'm asking $500.UPDATE: The ROTJ piece has now been sold.

"Heroes of the Clone Wars" (seen below) was my actual Celebration VI art print, and I'm asking $700 $500 for the original. If you're interested in purchasing either of these drawings, send me an email at with "CVI ORIGINAL" in the subject line. :) Thanks!