January 4, 2013

Still: A Short Story by Grant Gould

Scott and Becky are looking for a relaxing, romantic weekend away from home, but what they find is something much stranger – and much more terrifying – than they ever could have expected.

A short story by Grant? Huh?
I took a day off yesterday and ended up writing this thing. Kind of random, I know, but it was fun and allowed me to release some creative energy that didn't involve wizards & swords. I also have to thank (or blame) my brother Cory, who recently wrote a cool short story that inspired me to write one. Anyway, please check it out if you're interested – it's 14 pages, and it does have elements of horror, violence, and some adult language, so MATURE READERS ONLY, please. :)

You can purchase the PDF by clicking here. It costs $2 and you can use any credit card and you get the PDF instantly. Super easy. Or if you'd rather just shoot me $2 through Paypal, that's fine too. Just send Paypal to grantgoboom@gmail.com and I'll e-mail you a link.

Thanks, everyone!