January 9, 2013

TOTSY band art

I did a piece of art for Totsy, an up-'n'-coming L.A.-based band with a really cool 'burlesque pop' sound. They recently had a winter tour where they opened for the Brian Setzer Orchestra, and they wanted a new graphic to use on tour, so that's where I came in. You can see the image I created was used on the drums, and used on t-shirts, etc. I was very flattered to be part of it. Big thanks to Brett Boyett!

Check out their official site at TotsyBand.com and their official Facebook page at Facebook.com/TotsyTheBand. You can hear some of their stuff on YouTube, such as the awesome single Dope on a Rope, and download all of their songs on iTunes. I've become a big fan of their music, so I definitely recommend 'em. :) And you can grab a shirt with my design over here.

Photos courtesy of their Facebook page.